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Abseiling in Uganda

 Abseiling at Sipi falls is done at the highest falls nested at the slope of Mt. Elgon. This activity also known as rappelling is the art of descending vertical surfaces using ropes and specialized equipment.  A collection of three breathtaking waterfalls makes this activity enjoyable for travelers. Sipi falls are found in Kapchorwa district, which is in Eastern Uganda. Rappelling is done at the main waterfall, and the equipment used during the activity is provided.  Skilled guides take you through this amazing adventure experience. You abseil down from the tallest waterfall at 100 meters tall. During the activity, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding valley with water plunging down the rocky cliffs.

This experience can be tailored for different skill levels, both beginners and experienced adventurers can participate. As you descend the towering cliffs of Sipi Falls you will feel a splash of mist over your whole body.  This brings an indescribable excitement however, your adrenaline levels will shoot up since you will be navigating down a cliff.  

When to go for abseiling at sipi falls in Uganda

Abseiling can be done any time throughout the year however the best time to go is during the dry season in June to September and December to February.  Afternoon hours are the best since there is enough light to take good photos and videos. Rappelling can also be done throughout the day depending on the weather conditions and other activities you may want to do.

How to get to Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls is approximately 4-5hours drive from Kampala.  The main highway used is the Kampala-Jinja highway, which provides opportunities to visit fascinating places such as the Mabira forest and the Nile River. After Jinja, the journey continues to Iganga town before diverging to join the Tinyiri highway, which leads to Mbale. Alternatively, one can continue up to Tororo town and then to Mbale. The Tororo route is longer but more scenic, with the opportunity to see baboons in the Busitema forest.

How to ensure safety when abseiling in Uganda

It is very crucial to be aware of the risks associated with abseiling and it is important to follow the guidelines given to you. Always make sure there are tie knots at the end of the rope to prevent you from sliding off and always ask the instructor in case you are not sure. Always have safety gear on like a helmet to protect your head in case of an accident, and it is strongly advised against jumping into plunge pools as hidden rocks or logs beneath can cause serious hazards

What to pack

When travelers are considering what to pack for abseiling at sipi falls, they should keep in mind that safety should be their highest priority. Most of the safety gear like a helmet and equipment used is provided. The following should be considered on a packing list;

  1. Appropriate clothing which includes light clothes. However, some travelers might prefer long or short trousers.  Make sure you dress comfortably!
  2. Sturdy footwear such as hiking or sports shoes, avoid sandals. The terrain is rocky and one needs to protect themselves from falling and hurting their feet when navigating to the top of the falls.
  3. Sunscreen to protect you from sunburns. Such activities are done during the dry season when the sun is hot. To avoid heat burns it is better to have some sun protection. 
  4. Camera to capture the moment. With the growing engagement of social media, it is great to take pictures with your phone or camera.
  5. Bottled water and snacks to keep you energized.
  6. First-aid Kit.
  7. Gloves to protect your hands from rope irritation.