Fairend Safaris

Car rental services

Car rental services are available at Fairend , we offer our clients the most comfortable and well-maintained cars. Most of the cars for hire are available for people who are interested in self-drive and also come with a driver if needed. Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, or adventure we have a car for you to rent.  Backpackers and those traveling in groups or solo we have the best car rental services for you.

The vehicles available for car rental services include 4×4 station wagons, saloon cars, mini-vans, and larger vehicles like buses. Travelers planning to visit national parks or cities or whether attending conferences, meetings, or field trips we have suitable cars to offer.

The car rentals services we offer

Self-drive car rental

It is very possible to rent a car for self-drive whether you are a Ugandan or an International traveler or guest. For most tourists and travelers who want to explore more about the country and are looking at a friendly budget, we recommend hiring a car and taking a self-drive to any destination of your choice.

The cars available for exploring remote areas are 4×4 land cruisers which are great on untarmacked roads. Specifically if you are traveling on a budget whether solo or in a group just rent a car and take a drive all around the country. They come with or without rooftop tents, and camping gear including a mattress, sleeping bag, cutlery, cooking appliances, storage, lighting equipment, and many more.

Other vehicles available for car hire services include Toyota Hiace Drone, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Wish, Rav4, Land cruisers, Super custom, and Coaster buses. All these fleets are available for hire either daily, weekly, or monthly. Our cars can be hired on both self-drive or chauffeur-driven hire.

Chauffeur-driven car rental

 Additionally, we offer chauffeur-driven car rental services for our clients who are not in a position to drive. Our drivers are well-trained, have good communication skills and enough experience. So delivering timely and satisfactory services is very important. We ensure you arrive at your destination safely, and in time and this is at an affordable rate. Whether you are moving around the city, remote areas, or visiting national parks, our drivers will meet your travel needs and expectations.

Airport transfers

We only offer airport transfers in Uganda, so travelers should be assured of catching their flights on time. We’ll make sure that you get to your hotel safely upon arrival. Our airport transfer service operates 24/7. However, travelers must book in time to avoid delays and inconveniences. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure you can be assured of great quality transfer services.

Travelers coming to Uganda for the first time should feel at ease for our drivers are highly qualified and professional. They are well knowledgeable about all areas within the country and will take you to your final destination without any difficulty. In addition, our drivers will meet you at the airport and help you with your luggage and will ensure you have the utmost comfort during your ride.

For travelers leaving Uganda for Entebbe International Airport, it is very essential not to delay your flight. Therefore, it is our responsibility to pick you up in time so that you are ready for a check-in. Since Kampala is well known for heavy traffic, we strongly suggest that airport transfers should be booked in time to avoid any delays.

Bridal fleet 

We have amazing packages for weddings, these include experienced and professional drivers. They ensure you arrive at your wedding venue/reception on time. There is a wide range of bridal fleets to choose ranging from luxury to budget-friendly cars. Our cars come with a professional driver, and a bottle of champagne, and are decorated with flowers and ribbons. If you have specific requirements for your wedding fleet, we can customize a package for you.

The type of cars for bridal car rental services include luxury cars which are elegant and classic. These are BMW 7 series, Mercedes Benz G and S- class, and Range Rovers. Additionally, we have other cars for the bridal fleet like Land Cruisers, Harriers, and many more.