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Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is commonly called the home of elephants due to its large herds compared to other parks in Kenya.  It is a place to have the most beautiful views of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s highest peak.

The park is located southeast of Nairobi and it takes about 4 to 5 hours to get there, nature lovers can explore five different habitats in this park. These range from the dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, wetlands with sulfur springs, and the savannah to woodlands. The Masai tribe of Kenya lives around the park, travelers usually visit them to learn about their ways of living.

How to get to Amboseli National Park

Travelers can get to Amboseli National Park by either road or air. By road travelers have two options, the first option is to go from Nairobi via Namanga. It is 240 kilometers on Nairobi-Arusha Road and travelers access the park through the Meshanani Gate.

The second option is to go from Nairobi via Emali which is 228 kilometers on the Nairobi –Mombasa Road and get to the park through Kimana or Olkelunyiet gate.

However, tourists can also use air, there are domestic flights from Wilson Airport or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to an airstrip at Empusel gate. The other nearest airstrip is at Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge.

Activities to do

Game viewing

During game drives travelers experience the true African wilderness, and see wildlife species up close. This is done with the help of an experienced guide who knows the different spots to find the animals. Additionally, the safari game drives take you deep into the jungle to view the common residents like lions, leopards, buffalo, Elephants, Giraffes, Gazelles, Antelopes, hyenas, baboons, zebras, and wildebeest among others. Game drives are conducted in different sessions, the first begins at 6 am to 11 am. The second session is in the afternoon beginning from 2 pm to 6 pm.  Lastly, there is a night session that ends at 10 pm and is usually done to see nocturnal animals as they hunt.

Bird watching

Amboseli National Park inhabits over 500 bird species with the majority being permanent residents. Birding can be done throughout the year however, the best months are during the rainy seasons when birds are nesting. With guidance from an experienced birding guide, birders get success in seeing many bird species like Dickinson’s Kestrel, African Jacana, Flamingo, Ostrich, Hornbill, Hamerko, Sacred Ibis, Kori bustard  Steel-blue whydah, Weaver, Lapwing, Rufous Chatterer,  and African Swamphen among others.

Cultural encounters

The Maasai tribe is one of the most popular tribes in Africa and lives around the park. They have a great culture that guests enjoy when they visit Amboseli National Park. Travelers have an opportunity to get to know the local people, their culture, food, and lastly their history.  Besides, they get to enjoy traditional performances, dances, and many other cultural activities.

Hot air balloon safaris

One way of exploring Amboseli National Park and having a great adventure is engaging in a hot balloon safari. It gives the best scenic views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains and the plains of the park.

The hot air balloon adventure starts early in the morning and usually lasts an hour flying above the savannah grassland to Nyika plateau across the tropical rainforests at the park. Travelers view herds of elephants roaming freely, vibrant colors of numerous bird species gracefully gliding through the air.

Nature walks

Travelers get to move around the central part of the park on foot while observing hills that are pyramid-shaped. Hiking these hills gives them a clear view of the wildlife in one section. The walks are done both in the evening and morning depending on one’s time preference. Travelers encounter the wildlife on foot in the company of an experienced game ranger. They get to see animals up close like, Elephants, zebras, buffalo, Giraffes, and Antelope among others.

Filming and photography.

Amboseli is famously known for large herds of Elephants, this has attracted many photographers and documentaries around the globe. Secondly, it is one place to take beautiful photos and film the big five.

The best time to visit 

Amboseli National Park can be visited throughout the year. Though, the best time to visit is during the dry season, from June to October and December to February. During those months roads are in good condition and it is the best time to go on a game drive.  Although birding is best done during the wet season when migratory birds arrive in the park. This is from April to June and November to December.

Q &A commonly asked about Amboseli National Park.

1. What animals can be found in Amboseli National Park?

Amboseli National Park is home to a wide range of animals found in the different habitats of the park. Some live in areas like open savannah grasslands, and swampy areas, while others in the water. These animals include Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, spotted hyenas, Cheetah, Buffalo, Crocodiles, Mongoose, Hyrax, Dik-dik, Wild dogs, leopards, and Nocturnal Porcupine among others.

2. What is Ambolesi National Park commonly known for?

Amboseli National Park is commonly known for its dense herds of elephants that freely roam around the park. Amboseli has the biggest number of elephants in Kenya giving travelers the highest chance of viewing them up close when they visit.

3. Where to stay when visiting

Amboseli National Park has beautiful and comfortable accommodation facilities ranging from Luxury to budget where travelers can stay during their safari, these include;

 The accommodation facilities in Amboseli include; Elewann Tortilis Camp, Kibo Safari Camp, Amboseli Sopa Lodge, Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge, Tawi Lodge, Satao Elerai Camp, Amanya King  Lion Bed, and Kilima Safari Camp.