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Horseback riding in Uganda

Horseback riding in Uganda is a unique and adventurous activity but is not commonly done by a lot of people. It has always been known as an activity for English and French however, it is growing and getting known by Africans. Travelers can explore places like national parks, leisure parks, villages, and communities using horses. Every person who has ridden a horse understands the beauty and uniqueness it gives. Horses are very intelligent and can be ridden by both adults and children depending on the place you visit. A horse ride in Uganda will allow you to have a countryside feel. It is also an incredible athletic sport that provides a sense of freedom.

The best time to go horseback riding in uganda

Horseback riding can be done any day throughout the year however, the best is during the dry season.  Starting from June to September and December to February, the weather is warm and one can do other fun activities. Travelers engage in activities like boat cruising, and swimming among others after a horse ride.

Where to go for horseback riding in Uganda.

Flametree Stables

Flametree Stables are found in Kijabijo village in Gayaza on Kayunga Road and are owned by Miranda Bower. The stables offer horseback riding in Uganda, there are  39 horses and ponies.  They are kept in good health, trained, patient, and tolerant to all types of riders.

The stable provides horse rides for all skill levels, including beginners and experienced riders, children and adults. The rides can either be on an individual or group basis and are all at reasonable prices. Flametree Stable also offers riding lessons to people who want to be experienced riders.

Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo Lodge in Lake Mburo National Park is situated along Mbarara – masaka highway and offers horse rides. Travelers can explore the park to view wildlife up close on a horse. Animals like giraffes, impalas, antelopes, zebras, and birds among others can be found in Lake Mburo National Park.

Mihingo Lodge has been offering horse riding safaris since 2009 after obtaining authorization from Uganda Wildlife Authority. Both experienced and nonexperienced riders can participate. While on the back of the horse, wild animals are less scared of your so they do not run.

Nile horseback safaris

Nile horseback safaris is situated on the west bank of the River Nile directly adjacent to Explorers river camp. It offers horse rides to explore the Nile, villages, trading centers, and luckily some wildlife species like primates and birds. Horse rides are for both beginners and experienced riders.

Horseback riding is offered in different forms where Intro pony rides are for both adults and kids. There are rides that last 30 minutes to an hour, 1-hour rides, for both adults and children above 6 years.  In addition there are sunset rides, 2-hour mixed ride, and 2-hour advanced ride all are at different costs. Kids pony rides cater for kids between the ages of 4-10 years.

Horseback riding at Speke Resort Munyonyo

Speke Resort Munyonyo is located on the outskirts of Kampala and is close to Lake Victoria. It offers horseback rides in different categories like pony rides which take 20 minutes and hour hack which takes one hour. There are private lessons which last 30 minutes and shared lessons for 45 minutes, group lessons and photoshoots.

If you only want a pony ride or horse riding experience, Speke Equestrian Centre professionals will lead you through this experience. The horses are well-mannered and serene and the center offers a bar where families and friends may get together for a drink after taking a ride.

horseback riding in Uganda at Bushbaby Lodge

Bushbaby Lodge is located in Mukono, it has some of the most amazing horses which do not require one to have prior riding experience to ride them.  The horses are well-trained and friendly both experienced and non-experienced riders above 2 years can have a ride. Bushbaby Lodge offers riding lessons for those who want to improve their riding skills to being experts including horse communication, trotting, and galloping.

At the Bushbaby farm estate horses enjoy grazing on grass,  being groomed and petted by visitors during Stable Management lessons, and offering rides along the beautiful farm and village routes. Visitors can visit any day to have an amazing encounter with these lovely

Important information about horseback riding in Uganda

  • Before getting on the back of the horse make sure you are wearing proper horse-riding gear like a helmet, riding boots, proper clothing, and at times riding gloves.
  • Be gentle and confident when mounting the horse, sit on the horse upright, and be relaxed.
  • Always keep your eyes where you are heading as you ride and make sure you have full control of the horse.
  • While riding the horse do not hold the saddle horn and always communicate with your horse.
  • Greet your horse before mounting it and always be on alert.
  • Always follow guidelines given by the instructor or guide during the ride.