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Surfing in Uganda

Surfing is a water sport where an individual uses a board to ride on the forward section or face a moving wave of water. Water waves carry the surfer towards the bank of the river or shore of a water body. Surfing at the River Nile is not a common activity since it is always challenging to find a strong wave. If you are lucky there is an eternal wave that you can surf for minutes especially at Virgin Wave.

River Nile has eight major rapids each presenting a different challenge depending on the water level. Before commencing the adventurous surfing on the Nile, travelers are provided with river boards, flippers, helmets, and a life jacket. Travelers interested in surfing can visit Nile River explorers and Nalubale rafting in Jinja to have an amazing experience. The other place to experience surfing is on Ssese Island on Lake Victoria.

The best time to go surfing in Uganda

The best time to go surfing is during the wet season from March to May and from September to November.  The rains are heavy and winds are strong enough to make strong waves to enable you to surf.

The minimum age for surfing in Uganda is 14 years and one needs prior swimming experience before engaging in this activity.

What to pack

  • Surfboards are a must-have because surfing is not a common activity in Uganda. Carry your equipment and you may carry one to three boards. Carry a surfboard bag to keep your board safe.
  • Surfboard wax since it may be challenging to get one in Uganda, remember to check the water temperature.
  • Swimsuit or shorts or bikini anything you are comfortable to surf in.
  • Towels to pat yourself dry after surfing before changing to dry clothes.
  • Sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun or strong winds.
  • Surf repair kit to keep tools to fix your board in case it gets dings.
  • Camera with enough battery to take pictures.


Activities to do on River Nile in Jinja


Kayaking through the breathtaking white water rapids is one of the most adventurous activities to do in Jinja. Travelers get a chance to experience some of the most rapid waves as they row a kayak. Before engaging in this activity you sign a waiver form and are given instructions about safety.

You must have a life jacket and helmet which are usually provided before engaging in kayaking. Other places to go for kayaking in Uganda are; Ssese Islands, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, Mabamba swamps, Semuliki Wildlife Reserve, Katonga reserve, and Itanda Falls.

Tubing the Nile

Tubing the Nile is a recreational activity where an individual rides on top of an inner tube on water. The tubes used to carry out this activity are in a donut shape. It is a growing popular activity where travelers can experience an adrenaline rush.

Participants may tube on grade 1 to 3 rapids, the activity usually lasts two to three hours. Prior experience is not required therefore it can be done by everyone interested. There are guides to take you through safety measures and always have a life jacket to avoid drowning

Stand up paddle

Stand up paddle also known as SUP is a fast-growing activity done at River Nile.  You stand on a board that is floating on water and use a paddle to move through the water. It does not require one to have experience, and it can be done throughout the year.

The costs is about $ 40 to $120 and it is a fun activity for people seeking adventure. It can be combined with other activities like rafting. Other places in Uganda to go for stand up paddle are Lake Victoria and Lake Bunyonyi.