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Zip Lining In Uganda

Zip lining in Uganda is done in most adventure parks, it involves riding a steel cable with a seat harness between two points. This is usually done over a water body or in a valley or a forest that exhibits spectacular sceneries. Zip lining is a growing outdoor activity that travelers within and visiting Uganda are engaging. It is adventurous and a good test for people with a phobia for heights.

The best time to do zip lining is during the dry season however it can be done all year long. Zip lining is usually done from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 Pm.

Where to go for zip lining in Uganda

Griffin Falls camp

Griffin Falls camp also known as Mabira Forest camp is located at the edge of Mabira forest. The zip-lining experience offered here sends you soaring between the tallest ancient trees in Uganda’s largest rainforest. One can view forest layers, mammals like grey-cheeked mangabeys and red-tailed monkeys, and birds when engaging in this activity. Birds like palm nut vultures, African fish eagles, great blue turacos and the roaring griffin falls make the experience worthwhile.

The zip-lining in Uganda at griffin camp is done daily from 8 am to 1 pm and from  2 pm to 6 pm. The cost is at $50 to $120 depending on the package one is interested in, Ugandans pay Ugx60, 000.  In addition the camp offers other activities like archery, bird watching, forest walks, and camping among others.

Supreme Adventure Park Bunyonyi

Supreme Adventure park is located in Kabale district and offers a unique zip-lining experience. Travelers get a chance to cross Uganda’s deepest Lake Bunyonyi and this is one of the most amazing experience one has ever have. It is unique as participants enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding areas. There is a garden, a private beach area, and a terrace among the various amenities. The park follows all necessary safety protocols and has trained professionals to guide participants through the experience. It’s important to ensure that you are physically fit and meet the age or weight restrictions that may apply.

Extreme Adventure Camp

Extreme adventure Camp Busika is the largest adventure camp in Uganda located on Gayaza – Zirobwe road. The zip lining experience offered at this park requires one to begin with obstacle challenges, and after overcoming them you conclude with zip lining as a reward.

It is an amazing experience for one to experience an adrenaline rush. The cost of the zip-lining experience at Extreme Adventure Camp is Ugx 35,000 for adults and Ugx 30,000 for kids. Travelers can also engage in other activities like go-karting, swimming, paintball, archery, target shooting, and many more.

Buloba Forest Park Resort

Buloba Forest Park Resort is located in Buloba on the Mityana – Kabarore highway. It offers an amazing zip-lining experience where travelers can cross over a man-made lake. There are other fun activities to do like swimming, paintball, camping, and pedal boat riding among others. The park is great place for family getaways, group trips, and team building.

Park Shoebill

Park Shoebill is situated on Bussi Island in Entebe, wakiso district. It offers a zip-lining experience and is a great destination to see shoebills if you are a bird lover. Travelers can participate in other activities like quad biking, cycling, swimming, boat cruising, and rope climbing among others.  Bussi Island is home to Mambay Bay a perfect destination for birding, there are 280 birds in this area.

Lakeside Adventure Camp

Lakeside Adventure Camp is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, it can be accessed by boat via  Gaba road. It offers a zip-lining experience and other adventurous activities like wall climbing, shelter building, high and low rope courses, and crate tower building among others. It is an ideal destination for team building, corporate groups, school field trips, and family fun days.

Questions and answers about the activity

Is Zip lining a safe activity to do in Uganda?

Zip lining is a safe activity to do in Uganda since adventure parks offering this experience make sure safety is a priority. The types of equipment used are first tested before clients can use them. There are guides or instructors to help you and always follow the instructions and guidelines you are given.

How to ensure safety during zip lining experience

  • Keep your hands on top of the trolley at all times and always look before you zip. You should only go when the zipline is clear.
  • Lift your legs before touching down on the platform.
  • Do not panic, always remain calm. In case you do not make it to the platform use the ropes to pull yourself back.
  • Wear the right clothing and always have closed shoes on.
  • Always follow the guidelines and only one person is allowed on a zip line at a time.
  • Always ask for help from the instructors in case you encounter a challenge.