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Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park is an amazing activity to do since the park hosts over 600 bird species. Some of the birds that call this park home are migratory birds from Europe and North Africa while others are permanent residents. The park has great birding areas ranging from savannah plains, rainforests, acacia woodlands, lakes, thickets, and wetlands. The migratory birds can be found in the park from November to April. Additionally, permanent residents can be seen in the park all year long.

Birding trails in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mweya peninsula

The Mweya Peninsula is situated between Lake Edward and Lake George. It is a prime birding spot in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Here, travelers can spot a variety of water birds including African fish eagles, pelicans, storks, herons, and kingfishers among others along the shores of the lakes.

Ishasha sector

The Ishasha Sector is located in the southern part of the park and is known for its unique tree-climbing lions. While searching for lions, travelers can see bird species such as the African grey hornbill, African paradise flycatcher, woodland kingfisher, and many more.

Kazinga channel

The Kazinga Channel connects Lake Edward to Lake George and is teeming with birdlife. Travelers take a boat cruise along the channel to observe water birds and other wildlife species. Birds that can be seen include African skimmers, pied kingfishers, African spoonbills, and various species of ducks and geese.

Maramagambo Forest

Maramagambo Forest located in the western rift valley along Kichwamba is a haven for forest bird species. Birds including several Albertine Rift endemics can be found in this part of the park during birding, especially with the help of an experienced birding guide. Travelers may take a guided birding walk through the forest to spot birds such as the African green broadbill, blue-headed sunbird, black bee-eater, and grey-throated barbet.

Kyambura gorge

Kyambura Gorge is another excellent birding area within Queen Elizabeth National Park. This area is known for chimpanzee trekking however during the trek through the gorge, travelers may encounter bird species. The species to look out for are the African finfoot, white-winged warbler, African broadbill, and black-headed paradise flycatcher among others.

The best time to go for birding

Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park can be done all year. However, the best time is April when both permanent residents and migratory birds are present in the park. Although it is a wet season meaning most trails are difficult to navigate but the list of birds is long and there is plenty of food for the birds. During the dry season which is always the peak season for tourism in Uganda, the roads are passable and easy to navigate, and the grass is short meaning there is a big success in seeing the birds.

List of bird species found in Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are over 600 bird species in Queen Elizabeth National Park and some of these are; the pink-backed pelican, Palm-nut vulture, Martial Eagle, White-winged Warbler, Marabou Stork, African Fish Eagle, Great Blue Turaco, Grey Crowned Crane, African Jacana, African Skimmer, Shoebill, Yellow-billed stork, Lesser Kestrel, Barn swallow, Yellow Wagtail, Common Sandpiper, Grey plover, Marsh Sandpiper, and Northern Carmine Bee-eater among others.