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Queen Elizabeth National Park

Medley of wonders

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a medley of wonders and is Uganda’s most popular and visited park. It is located in the south western part of the country occuping an area of 764 square miles (1,978 square KM). The park sits on the rift valley floor, surrounded by lakes, escarpments, and the snow–capped Rwenzori Mountains.

The key attraction is the tree climbing lions which can only be found in this park and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. In addition travelers visit to enjoy game drives conducted in open savannah plains and boat cruises on Kazinga channel. Birding is also a great activity done in Queen Elizabeth NP because over 500 bird species call this park home including migratory birds.

How to get to Queen Elizabeth National Park

This park can be accessed by either road or air transport. When using road transport, travelers drive from Entebbe International Airport via Kampala capital city. One can either use Masaka, Mbarara to Kasese where the park is located or one can use Mityana, Mubende, Fort Portal to Kaseses. It is quite a long journey of more than 7 hours however, most Visitors usually choose to include stops at other parks along these routes. This is a great way of exploring the country side rather than driving directly to the park.

When using air transport to access the park, one books a domestic scheduled or charter flight from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airfield to Mweya or Kasese airstrip. These flights should always be booked before the actual date of the safari. The flight time is generally an hour or two.

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Top amazing Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion tracking

Lion tracking involves learning about the habits of the king of the wild within their habitat. It is one of the most exciting experimental activities done in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The activity involves taking a close look at lions and learning more about their way of living. Travelers get to experience hoe they hunt, feed and associate with one another.

The tracked lions have radio collars so they can easily be found by tour guides who lead this experience. Travelers interested in tracking lions must purchase a permit that costs $50 for international tourists and Ugx.100,000 for East Africans. Since it is a research activity, it is limited because lions are not familiar to humans and a lot of people can stress them.

Game viewing

Game viewing is best done in the Mweya peninsula, Kasenyi Plains, and Ishasha sector. It involves drives through the park while having a view of different wild animals, birds, and Vegetation.

Queen Elizabeth National Park has about 3,000 African elephants, 1,000 buffaloes, 5,000 hippos, waterbucks, warthogs, lions, and leopards. So many other wild species call this park home including over 619 birds. Travelers enjoy game drives which are carried out on a 4WD vehicle with the help of an experienced guide.

Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee trekking involves one taking a stroll through the thick forest in kyambura gorge to be able to have a close look at chimpanzees. These fascinating primates can be seen swinging on tree branches in the forest. The type of vegetation in this area is characterized of thick tall trees and underground rainforest vegetation.

The trees give fruits which are the main course of the chimpanzees, although they also feed on seeds, leaves, buds, and fresh meat. Chimpanzee tracking is done in the morning from 8 am and lasts for 2-4 hrs. Travelers need permits to participate and they cost $30 for International tourists and Ugx. 30,000 for the East Africans.


The park is home to over 600 bird species including aquatic birds, woodland birds, migratory birds, and forest dwellers among others. Birders consider Queen Elizabeth NP among the top birding destinations in Uganda.

Birding can be done at Kazinga Channel during a boat cruise, or at Myeya Peninsular which is covered by thick savannah vegetation that harbors many birds. Travelers can also do birding from Maramagambo forest, Kasenyi Plains, Ishasha sector, Lake Kikorongo, Katunguru Bridge, and Lake Katwe.

Hiking and narure walks

Hiking & natural walks are done in Kyambura Gorge early in the morning or afternoon with the guidance of an experienced park guide. During this activity travelers are able to spot mammals, primates, bats, butterflies and birds. Maramagambo forest is another area to go for natural walks which usually take about 3-6 hrs.

During the walks travelers are able to see elephants, baboons, chimpanzees, and many more wild species. Crater lakes (Kyasanduka &Nyamasingiri), River Kajojo, and Kilyantama waterfall, trees, and birds are other amazing things to see. Other places to go for natural walks within the park  are the Mweya peninsula (enjoy views of Rwenzori Mountain ranges), Lake Edward, and Katwe.

Hot air ballooning

This is an adventurous, exciting, and amazing way to have great views of the park. It is conducted by Balloon Tours Uganda Ltd which is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and Uganda Wild Life Authority. Travelers are assured of safety since most the crew carrying on this activity are experienced and licensed.

Air ballooning starts early before 6 am and flying up in the sky takes more than one and a half hours depending on the weather. This activity can be done all year around though it is best in dry seasons in June to August. It costs around $4000 per person and the minimum age required to participate is 6 years.

When to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is open all year although the best months to visit are January, February, and June to August. The peak season is June to Sept when most tourists visit the country. Other months of the year are rainy and muddy making some activities difficult however, the advantage of it is that most lodges give discounts.

Where to stay when visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park

There is a wide range of accommodation facilities ranging from on-budget, mid-range to luxury lodging. Luxury lodges include Mweya Safari Lodge, Kyambura Gorge Lodge and Jacana Safari Lodge. Others are Ishasha Wilderness Camp, and Kasenyi Safari Camp among others

 Mid-range Lodges include Baboon Safari Resort, Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge and Buffalo Safari Lodge. Travelers can also opt for Elephant Hab Lodge, Marafiki Safari Lodge, Kingfisher Lodge, and many more.

Budget lodges are Tembo Safari Lodge, Simba Safari Camp, Topi Lodge, Forest Hog Safari Cottages, and Kyambura tented camp.