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Hot air ballooning is an activity that is interesting and was introduced in Uganda by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Hot air balloons are aircrafts that gain their lift by heating a large contained envelope of air above the ambient temperature. The envelope containing the warmer, less dense air rises and is used to lift the payload of basket with passengers. Hot air ballooning is a kind of activity perfect for those on honeymoon. Those testing their adrenaline level and those seeking a lifetime adventure should take part in this activity.

Where to experience hot air ballooning in Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park

Hot air balloon safari is conducted by Dream Balloons a company that was registered in 2011 to operate hot air balloon safaris. This is one of the activities in Murchison Falls National Park and has two sessions. The sunrise session starts at 5:00am and the sunset session starts at 4:00pm and ends at 6:30 pm.

Before starting the hot air balloon activity, visitors watch the balloon inflation and then are briefed by the pilot about the expectations and safety regulations. You get to fly for about 2 hours as you watch from above. Participants have spectacular views of the park, sunrise/sunset, animals, birds, and savannah vegetation After landing on the ground, you are awarded a certificate for participation in the hot air activity

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The hot air balloon experience is conducted by Ballon Tours, and it usually carried out starting early morning. Visitors meet at the kasenyi gate for briefing however, the sites for lift off often change due to weather conditions and the wind flow.  This activity in Queen Elizabeth national park has the morning sunrise take off which carries at least two persons for a ride.

However, there is a large 16 passenger hot air balloon with a capacity of up to 300,000 cubic feet. One can have a glance at lions in kasenyi plains chasing for their prey or enjoy the fantastic views of snowcapped Mountain Rwenzori. After landing the pilot and passengers celebrate the flight with a glass of sparkling wine. In addition, passengers get to enjoy their breakfast in the bush which makes it a memorable experience.

Things to Know about Hot Air Ballooning in Uganda.

When to go for Hot air ballooning in Uganda

Hot air ballooning can be carried out anytime throughout the year. However, the best time is in the dry season during June to August and December to February.

 During the dry season, there is less rainfall and the grass is short. This enables travelers to have clear views of the park, tree tops, vegetation types, sunset and sunrise. Animals can be seen grazing in the open savannah plains due to short grass among others.

What to pack for hot air ballooning safari

  • Trousers and shirts or tops, void wearing dresses, skirts, shorts or overly tight clothing as you can be subjected to a rough landing.
  • Comfortable shoes preferably sneakers or walking boots, avoid heels and scandals.
  • Sun glasses to avoid missing out on a lot of the scenery around due to bright sunlight and these also help to protect your eyes.
  • A camera to capture the great views and store memories of a life time.


Important information

  • The hot air balloon flights are offered on a daily route yearly unless the weather does not support it.
  • There is a maximum capacity of 16 passengers and minimum of 2 to engage in this amazing activity. Smaller numbers  usually share with other passengers
  • Hot air balloon entire experience takes 3-4 hours and starts in the morning hours. Participants are expected to return to their lodges at around 09:00-10:00 am in order to en route with game drive.
  • Flights must be paid in full at the time of booking. They are approximately one hour in length and include a breakfast in the bush after landing.
  • The flight is not high enough for a temperature change. It does not require a traveler to have a specific code that can fit with the weather.
  •  Carry your clear cameras with enough batteries and binoculars. 


  • To participate in a hot air balloon  safari one must be 6 years of age unless it’s a request from the parent or guardian.
  • Flights take place in amount of wind which is less than 10 knots but with no rain and storms in the immediate area. The flights must be having visibility of at least 4km.
  • If the weather condition changes and persists, the balloon safari may not be done. If it happens a traveler is given back full refund.