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White water rafting in Uganda

White water rafting is one of the most adventurous activities not to miss out on once you visit Uganda, as it is considered one of the most rewarding activities to do on the River Nile. The experience lasts about 6 hours covering a 25-kilometer stretch. If you are not a faint-hearted person and love exploring, this is a must-do activity. There are several options ranging from Grade 5 extreme rafting, Raft river board, Grade 3 full-day rafting, and 2-day rafting. 

Where to experience whitewater rafting in Uganda

White water rafting is done on River Nile and is done on the different parts of the Nile including; Jinja which  is the main hub for white water rafting in Uganda and is known for its Grade 3 to 5  rapids on the Nile River.

Kalagala is another place to experience whitewater rafting and it is a section of the River Nile located about 45 minutes from Jinja, and is known for its Grade 5 rapids and Bujagali Falls which was once the most popular spot for rafting on the Nile River, but the falls were flooded due to the construction of a hydroelectric dam.

What to expect during whitewater rafting in Uganda

Whitewater rafting starts with a briefing by experienced guides, you are given guide lines about safety and what to expect during the raft that is how to paddle, hold a rope for safety, and how to fall out of the raft safely. Rafters are usually advised to keep calm in case they fall out of the raft.

All participants leave their valuables in the car and always carry extra clothing. Rafting is open to everyone even beginners as participants choose which grade to participate in.  You are always given a helmet and a lifejacket for safety.  Experienced rafters are always to the strongest sections while beginners use the easiest sections.

Between rapids, there are islands and calm waters that enable rafters to relax, swim and see have amazing views. Expect to see some birds and even some primates like monkeys on the river side.

                                                                   When to go for Whitewater rafting in Uganda

You can enjoy whitewater rafting any time of the year however the best time is during the dry season of June to October and December to Late February. These months are warm and the sun is hot. It is rewarding to enjoy a raft during this period.

What to pack for whitewater rafting in Uganda

  • The right clothing, one can opt for clothes made in nylon or polyester since such fabrics are light and comfortable.
  • Always ensure you have floating gear like a life jacket. Have it on at all times when you are rafting to avoid drowning.
  • Have sunscreen and glasses since rafting is usually done in dry seasons when the sun is too hot.
  • Have extra clothes since those used during rafting become wet and one needs to change after the activity.
  • A helmet to protect your head in case you fall out of the raft.
  • A first aid kit.