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2 Days Sipi Falls Tour

This 2 Days Sipi Falls Tour takes you to explore series of waterfalls that make up Sipi falls which are located in Eastern Uganda near the border of Kenya. You will be able to hike and enjoy the views of Mountain Elgon, visit coffee plantations where you will go through the entire coffee process from picking the coffee berries, grind them, roast them on fire before drinking the coffee.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Sipi Falls

On the first day of your tour you will transfer to Sipi with a stopover in Mabira Forest where you will enjoy zip lining and you will be able to see some monkeys in the forest. You will later head to Jinja where you will have a boat cruise to the source of the Nile. After these activities you will head to Kapchorwa where you will check in your hotel and have an overnight stay.

Day 2: Coffee plantation visit and transfer back to Kampala

After having breakfast you will head to a family farm where you will participate in picking the coffee berries, grind them, roast them on fire and make a cup of coffee to drink. You will later go to hike to the top of Sipi falls. After the hike, you will transfer back to Kampala.

End of Tour

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