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Sport fishing is an adventurous activity that travelers may enjoy during their safari. It is not very common however, Uganda offers the best natural resources for one to participate in this sport. There are many Lakes, Rivers, and swamps where you can fish as about 25% of Uganda is covered by water. The country being the source of the world’s longest River Nile has attracted some of the world’s famous anglers like Jeremy Wade, the Late John Wilson, and Zeb Hogan.

Uganda has over 350 fish species due to its climate that gives a good breeding environment and the most common fish species for sport fishing is the Nile perch. It weighs up to 200 kilograms, and other fish Tilapia, Catfish, and Lungfish are also caught due to their size. The other fish species are caught for commercial purposes including mudfish, sprat, tiger fish, and silver cyprinid among others.

Where to go for sport fishing in Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is a great place to go for sport fishing since it is home to the world’s most powerful falls. The falls are rich in oxygen and attract huge Nile perch, and other fish species like Tilapia, catfish, yellowfish, and tiger fish among others. Fishing is usually done around the riverbanks however, anglers can walk to the base of waterfalls which is the best fishing base.

Sportfishing is mostly done at the falls’ banks near Paraa safari lodge and at Karuma Falls next to Chobe Safari Lodge. To access these areas, you can use a boat or hike down the sides of the fall to reach the rocks. You are required to have a sport fishing permit and the equipment to use is provided at the site. Modern fishing techniques are used, and the fishing policy is catch and release.

Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria

Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria is a great destination offering fishing opportunities. 84 islands make up the Ssese islands and fishing is done all year long. The best months for sport fishing are March and October when it is raining.

To visit the islands you take a boat which can be arranged by a tour operator or use a ferry from Nakiwogo landing site to Kalangala Island. It is recommended to carry your fishing equipment although it can be provided at the fishing spot. Tilapia is the most caught fish and it is commonly caught during the wet season when the lake is calm with fewer waves.

Source of the Nile

The source of the Nile in Jinja is a great place to go for sport fishing. There is plenty of Nile perch to catch in this area and Tilapia. There are plenty of activities to in this place apart from fishing. Travelers can also do activities like kayaking, white water rafting, visiting Mabira forest, bungee jumping, and horse riding among others. Do not limit yourself once you visit.

Sipi Falls

The Sipi Falls are located on the slopes of Mount Elgon are a great destination for sport fishing. Travelers should carry their fishing equipment and the permits can be secured from Sipi River Lodge. To fish at the banks of the falls, you can use fish hooks, bobbers, needle nose pliers, sinkers, fishing rods, fish bait, and fishing ledgers among others. The most common is the rainbow trout fish – a vibrant and colorful fish that is hard to catch.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park has five lakes but sport fishing is mainly done at Maziga spot since it is free from hippos and crocodiles. The dominant fish species here is Tilapia, one needs a fishing permit which is issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority to participate. You are always encouraged to carry your fishing equipment. Fishing in Lake Mburo is one of a kind because anglers can have the fish prepared as a meal at their hotels.

The best time to go for sport fishing in Uganda

Sport fishing can be done throughout the year, enabling anglers catch catfish and Nile perch all year round. Anglers say that best catches are seen early in the morning and late in the day. Though best results of fish are when the water level is low and clearer, especially during the dry and shadow seasons. From mid-January to early April is the best time to carry on this sport. Also, it is said that fish feed more when weather conditions vary dramatically, especially at the start of the rains.

What to pack for sport fishing

The items that one should consider packing for a fishing trip include; hiking shoes for rocky areas, and sandals for water. Carry a camera and proper clothing like shorts, T-shirts and jackets. Do not forget fishing equipment since some fishing spots do not provide them. And carry a first aid Kit and pack some lunch.

The equipment used for sport fishing

The fish can be caught on casting lures or by live bait including the Nile Perch and a range of cat fish Species. Other smaller fish can also be caught by spinning including the tiger fish. The rod of 11 feet (3m) – 8 feet (2.4m) along with a fixed spool or multiplier reel.

For the smaller species, the 7 spinning rod along with 3/5kg line is considered adequate. Regarding the reels, it can be noted that any reel fixed spool or the multiplier featuring 30 – 35lb line can work for Nile perch and Cat fish.